Friday, 10 October 2014

Miss Claire Transparent Mascara - Review

Am not much of a make-up user. My make-up kit or rather utility kit has hardly ever gone beyond a few bare essentials - lip balms, BB creams and mascara, which I only apply off and on. For people like me, who are wary of using make up, the regular black mascara sometimes tends to get too obvious, in the sense that I would feel too made-up if I were to apply mascara every day. And that's where transparent mascara comes to my rescue. It gives the much needed boost and volume to my eyes-lashes, while staying inconspicuous. So the latest addition to my measly looking make-up kit is the Miss Claire Transparent Mascara.

Okay, so I did not buy this one on any recommendation. The cosmetic shop I bought it from had just one option - saying that this was the one that sold the most and was also used by professional make-up artists. I took his word for it. And it has every bit been worth it.

Packing and Product Details:

This one has no external packaging, just a clear plastic wrap sealing the cap of the plastic tube. Since the tube is transparent plastic, one can see the gel content inside, and make out the thickness of the gel and also the quality of the application brush. Also there is no other detail about the ingredients, as in what has gone into the making of the gel.

About the product:

Miss Claire Transparent Mascara is a clear gel mascara, with medium consistency that is neither too runny nor too thick. On application, it gives a nice even texture and is very light on the lashes and also dries out quick. Though it claims to add volume and length to the lashes, but I'd say that this claim is a bit far fetched. However it does define the lashes and makes them look glossy and distinctive. In all it's a good product to use to make your eyelashes look all groomed and glossy.

My rating - 4/5.

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  1. Great review!
    Guess what? I bought mine too and I'm loving it! ^_^