Thursday, 6 August 2015

Airtel's 4G is Here. At 3G Prices!

As a travel and lifestyle blogger, most of the times my biggest woe while travelling or while attending an event is the dismal phone speed. Imagine this – I get super excited about some amazing view or experience and want to share it with my friends and readers, only to discover that the network bars on the phone are putting up a poor show. Many a times, even the 3G speed is so slow that investing more money on a recharge seems like a huge waste of money. But now with the commercial launch of Airtel’s high speed 4G services (also called LTE), it looks like my woebegone rants about slow phone speed would soon become a thing of the past. 

Check out this new Airtel TVC that is listing down the features of 4G connection. Of course, it's impressive! And what's adding to the fun factor is the fact that Airtel has put up a challenge too - if your other network is faster, then they will pay your mobile bill for life! But guess with a challenge like that, I am sure they have some sure shot aces up their sleeve to beat their competitors.

I had been hearing my tech savvy friends discuss about the 4G launch and now with the kind of buzz the launch has created, it looks like people are really looking forward to get their hands on the free 4G SIM – yes, if you already have an Airtel 3G pack, you are entitled to a free 4G upgrade, and get the same data benefits as your 3G pack. So in effect, if one has an Airtel 3G pack, they will get to enjoy high speed 4G speeds at no extra cost.

The 4G services have been commercially launched in 296 towns across India, and Airtel customers can enjoy 4G services at 3G data prices, with packs starting at Rs. 25. To know more about Airtel 4G services, and the other aligned products launched today, you can browse through the Airtel website. The brand's new website will take you through all the offerings of the new services. 


  1. Airtel's 4G has got wonderful reviews and I just requested a new 4G SIM today ! Can't wait to experience fastest network ever :)) !

  2. But I wonder how expensive our mobile plans will get over time, when the providers decide to hike up the rates (once we are hooked to the speeds).