Saturday, 24 May 2014

My Recharged Hair, Courtesy - Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo & Conditioner

In my post about  why I wanted recharged hair, I had  ranted about how dull and lacklustre my hair was. So much so that I often had to resort to hiding them under scarves and caps and hoodies.  But then I had also hinted that my bad hair days were soon going to a thing of the past for I had just stumbled upon this awesome shampoo and conditioner combo that offered full-proof solution to all my hair woes!

And for all you who were left wondering about what that magic potion it is!
This beautiful Sunsilk Natural Shampoo and Conditioner hamper has won many a sceptical hearts. But then more than the ribbons and leaves and beautiful packaging, its the goodness of the shampoo and conditioner that is being lauded by those perennially woebegone about their messy hair issues. Why, even I was one of them till about a month ago - worrying about my hair woes. And I must say that it was a pleasant surprise to see my hair look good not just in air-conditioned rooms but also stand strong against the  wear and tear at the beach - sun, sand and salt - and still going strong!

So what it is that works for Sunsilk Natural Recharge range? Here are a few pointers -

What works for Sunsilk Natural Recharge
  • Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo is infused with Ginseng plant root and oil that strengthen and nourish the hair.
    Ginseng is a herbal plant that is believed to restore and enhance normal well being and is currently one of the most widely bought herbal supplement.
  • The shampoo and conditioner have been co-created with Jamal Hammadi, who's an expert in natural ingredients.
  • A big plus - this one is Parabens-free. So you don't have to worry about chemicals ruining your hair and health.
  • The fragrance of both the shampoo and the conditioner is pretty mild and soothing, so you if you have an aversion for shampoos with strong overwhelming fragrance, this one's another winner for you.
  • I have frizz-prone hair, and was happy to see the conditioned controlling the frizz factor.
  • The shampoo and conditioner combo are both pocket friendly. The 80ml pack of both the shampoo and the conditioner costs Rs. 60, while the 180ml pack of both is for Rs. 132.
Check check - Reality Check

And now time for some reality check too! My hair have taken well to Sunsilk Natural Recharge shampoo and conditioner, but then I will be frank in acknowledging that some of its claims have gone a bit overboard. 
  • The shampoo claims of thicker, fuller and 5 times stronger hair, but well, am yet to see this kind of result. My hair feels healthier, yes, but 5 times stronger? No.
  • If you have dandruff prone hair, then this on is not going to be of much help. It will clean your hair al-right, but dandruff issues will persist.
  • Again this shampoo is no remedy for hair fall issues.
So that's about it with the reality check, not much to bog us down, isn't it? Plus the pros far over-weigh the cons. I have been using this shampoo & conditioner combo for over a month now, and I am really satisfied with the results.  I can go swimming, go trek in the sun and in general be outdoors this summer without worrying about my hair looking dull and dry.  If I am confident about my hair looking healthy and happy today, I have Sunsilk Natural Recharge to thank. :) 

This review has been written for a blogging drive organised on IndiBlogger, in association with Sunsilk.

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