Thursday, 5 June 2014

Split Ends Free TRESemme Tresses!

I HAD never much cared about shampoos for quite a few years of my life. Thanks to my close cropped hair, details like this ABC shampoo was good for curly hair, or this XYZ  would turn a mass of rough hair into something that even Rapunzel could get envious of - did not concern me at all.  So long as it cleansed my hair good, ANY shampoo was good for me. 

But then just a few months ago, a severe attack of boredom made sure that I abandon my (now)old indifferent hairstyle and opt for something new, something different. AND So, I started growing my hair long, to escape the monotony of twiddling my fingers when it came to big and small chit-chats with friends about this hairstyle and that, this awesome shampoo and that! The boring close crop HAD to go!
But you know how it is, trying to grow back your hair after keeping them really short for a quite a long time. So while the monotony of short hair gradually withered away, I was left with some perennial hair woes - rough hair, stubborn frizz and yes, SPLIT ENDS! It did not take me long to realise that for those dealing with hair woes on a regular basis, happiness is something else! 
So, it was no long that the perennial hair woes had me too discussing sundry shampoos and the miracle they promised to work on different hair textures! And needless to add, details like ABC shampoo is good for curly hair, or this XYZ  turns rough hair into something that even Rapunzel could get envious of - now concerns me big time! And talking of hair woes while there are a few shampoos that promise healthy and and lustrous hair, there are not many that assure you of 'split end free' hair! Yes, and this was why TRESemmé's SPLIT REMEDY range of shampoo and conditioner got me all curious and excited! 
Thanks TRESemmé India for the lovely hamper
TRESemmé, the international hair care brand is on Mission Beautiful Hair, turning every hair woes stricken lady into gorgeous ramp ready Rapunzel! While their different shampoos and hair strengthening conditioners are taking care of the tricky tresses, their stylists are enlightening pretty young things about the various ramp ready hairstyles! Not long ago, (the times when I was indifferent to the fancy world of niche shampoos) a few of my friends had become fans of TRESemmé, all thanks to their collection of products suited for different hair types and hair problems. There’s Keratin Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner for frizz-free hair, then there's a whole range of Smooth & Shine products for rough and dry hair. And for those who have issues with humidity and windy weather playing spoilsport with their hair, they can opt for Climate Control range of products. And the pretty young things stricken by the hair fall problem should definitely try Hair Fall Defense range of products, which has, besides a special shampoo and conditioner, an anti-breakage treatment masque to nourish the damaged areas. And coming to the hair issue I was plagued with - split ends - and lo and behold, this magic potion from TRESemmé was here to tackle that!
Scissor-free solution to split ends
This beautiful TRESemmé Split Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner combination has won many a sceptical hearts and its goodness is being lauded by those perennially woebegone about their otherwise gorgeous hair's split end issues. Why, even I was one of them till about a month ago - worrying about my hair woes. But I must say that it was a pleasant surprise to see my hair look smoother and of course healthier.

And for this I had TRESemmé Split Remedy to thank, for it’s not often that one gets to experience the pleasure of professional hair care in the comforts of one’s own home, without having to step out to visit a salon! With lesser split ends, my hair looks smoother and I can wear it loose for as long as I want. Moreover, with this magical solution on my side, I no longer need to worry  about my hair suffering wear and tear at the beach or in fact any where outdoors!  I can be out for as long as I want, come back home and use  my magic hair potion and voilà post shampooing and conditioning my hair feels as  gorgeous and shinier as ever! One look at them I feel re-assured that split-end woes and bad hair days are now a thing of the past.

So friends, if you like me of yore, are indifferent to niche shampoos, or are still stuck with the thought that there's no solution to split ends besides regular visits to the salon, rest assured that there indeed is a 'scissorfree solution to split ends! :)
And yes, how about this for a parting shot? ;)

The sample for this product review was sponsored by TRESemmé India in association with IndiBlogger.


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