Friday, 19 December 2014

Recipe: Pan-fried Chickpea Patty (By Chef Jolly)

Hi there! In my last post about Canola bloggers meet, I had promised to share two interesting quick snacks recipes shared by Chef Surjan Singh (aka Chef Jolly) and here I am with one of them. So get ready to make super-quick-to-make and super-health-to-eat Pan-fried Chickpea Patty! Yes, Chef Jolly has given an interesting twist to your regular chickpea (kabuli chana) and turned it into a patty with a difference. Cooked in canola oil, it's light on the stomach and yet very filling.

So here we go!


100g chickpea (Kabuli chana), boiled soft
50g malai paneer/curd cheese
2 tbsp canola oil

1/4 tbsp caraway seeds or cumin seeds
1/4 tbsp black cardamom seeds, crushed

1 medium spiced green chilli, finely chopped
30g coriander leaves, finely chopped
2 tbsp lemon juice,
1/2 tbsp asafetida powder
Salt to taste

Chef Jolly at work

1. Coarsely blitz boiled chickpeas using a food processor and add roasted caraway, curd cheese, black cardamom seeds, green chilli, coriander leaves. Mix well.
2. Add 1 tbsp canola oil in a hot pan and temper asafetida.
3. Add the chickpeas mix and blend again with salt to taste and lemon juice for tanginess.

4. Make small balls (table tennis ball sized balls), and use the centre of the palms to flatten them.
5. In a hot, non-stick bottom pan, pour remaining canola oil to pan-fry the patties golden brown evenly on both sides and serve it hot with a side dip, relish or chutney.

Alternatively, you may glaze it with canola oil spray and oven bake it at 200 degree C for 10 minutes on each side to serve it with a tangy dip.
And here it is - ready to it!
The second recipe is coming in the next post. Stay tuned. :)
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