Monday, 23 March 2015

Guilt Free Delights and Latte Art at Longitude, Le Meridien

Latte art never fails to fascinate me. Sometimes when I look at the beautiful patterns intricately etched on the coffee foam, I wonder if they are for real or work of some photo-shop expert. So when I got an invite from Le Meridien to come over to sample some of their guilt free delights and admire the works of their latte art experts at Longitude, their coffee house, I looked forward to the event.

 I am not a coffee person, and only opt for a cup when there's no tea available, so have never really had a chance to try coffee with latte art. So it was a pleasant surprise to get a coffee cup with an image of India Gate intricately etched on the top! Okay so this was for real, no photo-shopping tricks here! The baristas of Le Meridien are such experts at their art that when one of the invitees demanded the Taj Mahal on their coffee, it took them just minutes to recreate the monument on the coffee cup!

While I marvelled at the patterns of Qutub Minar and Taj Mahal, in just a few minutes Lord Buddha appeared right in front,
his calm face etched on a cup of coffee. Neat! While the interesting patterns kept the invitees hooked to the coffee counter,
an array of desserts pulled us back to our tables. Introduced as guilt free delights, these sugarless desserts
not just looked tempting, but were also a delight for the taste buds. 

What followed was pure indulgence - with options like Blueberry Cheesecake, Mocha and Milk Chocolate Cake,
Fresh Fruit Flan Cake, and Orange Raspberry Delight Cake, who wouldn't want to indulge! In all it was a delightful evening with delightful combination of arty coffee, tempting desserts and great conversations!


  1. so many diff patterns in latte.. ! nice to see. #Foodlove

  2. Love Longitude's ambience, been a while since I've been there.