Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Sporting Your Fluorescent Pair of Shoes!

Hi friends, summer is here and it's time to pack up the blacks and dark greys of winter and instead pep up our wardrobes with bright hues and neons! The fluorescent trend that caught up last summer continues to rule the fashion scene. From clothes, to accessories to shoes, fluorescent is everywhere. And if you think fluorescent is a girl's thing, then you will have to do a quick rethink for fashion forward men are wearing and flaunting fluorescent like never before. From models to celebrities to style conscious young men, everyone's adding up fluorescent shades to their wardrobe.

If you are someone who shies away from bright colours and yet want to be a part of the trendy fashion conscious bandwagon, then the best accessory for you would be a fluorescent pair of branded shoes.  Flip through any shoes catalogue and you are sure to come across a range of eye-popping fluorescent shoes dazzling the pages of the catalogue. Why, check out any online retail store and you are bound to come across bright and funky pairs tempting you to take a closer look. Fluorescent green, yellow, pink and blue are some colours that are very in and can brighten up your sporty look. 

A fluorescent pair of shoes is not just trendy to look at, but is also much more fun than your regular black/white/grey/other boring colour shoes. They are eye catching and instantly attract attention, now who wouldn't want that! It gives the wearer a playful and fun look, and of course adds a bit of quirk quotient to the wearer's personality. So what are you waiting for! Give yourself a fluorescent treat and pick up that fancy pair for neon shoes are here to stay! 

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