Monday, 4 May 2015

Up Your Style Quotient with Oleva Leggings

Hello friends, I am back with some more tips and tricks to help up your style quotient. And today our fashion focus is on leggings, for they are becoming quite quintessential in our wardrobes, thanks to the versatile ways they can be styled. It’s one of those items of clothing that can be worn anywhere – from casual outings to formal parties, just match them up with appropriate tops and accessories and you are got to go! Plus a lot of celebrities too are seen wearing leggings these days, adding glamour to this comfortable clothing item.

While leather and spandex leggings are making a regular appearance in the international fashion scene, for daily wear its cotton that works best in hotter climates like ours. And when it comes to cotton leggings, Oleva is one brand that boasts of a variety of leggings. From fancy net leggings to the regular plain ones, there’s a lot in their collection to get you tempted to pick a few!

Oleva leggings are not just stylish but affordable too. And I am sure you would not want to spend more on something that can be had at an affordable price. Plus you get a wide range of colours to choose from.

When it comes to styling, there’s so much more you can do with your leggings than just pair it with a kurtas. Leggings can be paired in many different ways. Pair it with a flowing top or a long t-shirt and there are you are, all set to rock the fashion scene anywhere. An easy way to make your leggings look flattering is to choose the right top. In winters you can pair it up with long cardigans, sweaters and long boots, while for summers, pairing it up with flowy tops, loose fitting t-shirts and kaftan tops works the best.

If you are travelling make sure you carry a pair of leggings because they are not just fit for every season but also hardly take up any room in your bag. So if you are still contemplating about stocking up on leggings, you now know that they can be really stylish when combined with the right top and shoes. So wait no more and go ahead and catch up with the leggings trend!


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  2. I switched to them slowly but I became a fan of leggings and I mostly wear them with kurtas!

  3. I love leggings, jegging and any form of it. It comfortable and flattering. I will check this brand.